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About RJ

RJ Singh

Creator of ultrahabits.

RJ Singh is a corporate and ultra-endurance athlete, family man and is dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery. His mission is to lead by example and share the ultrahabits needed to achieve ultra-performance in all areas of your life.

A Guinness World Record attempt through purposeful suffering in support of Australians that are suffering.

For professionals that want to take their performance to the ULTRA level.

Develop skills and habits for self-mastery

Self Management

Learn to be effective and efficient in making decisions

Decision making

Learn to keep your whole self connected for ultra performance in all areas of life

Brain/Body Connection

Podcast Reviews .

RJ has a calming spirit that unleashes the core of what drives you. Our time together felt like old friends reminiscing on the glory days and the moments of passion that make life so memorable. As an endurance athlete himself, RJ has a unique ability to relate to his guests and get them to share personal experiences.

Shay Eskew
5 continent ironman, bestselling author of What the Fire Ignited, and Chief Commercial Officer

These guys really know what they’re doing. I’ve been a guest on many podcasts as part of my work, but no one is better prepared, better organized, or more interesting as an interviewer. An absolute pleasure.

Dan Markovitz
Markovitz Consulting, multiple bestselling author of A Factory of One, The Conclusion Trap, Building the Fit Organization, and leading HBR contributor

RJ does an amazing job really getting to the heart of the experiences of his guests, and I enjoyed our conversation very much, finding deeper insights in some places of my own story than I’d previously imagined. He’s obviously done his own work, and his quest to continue learning and improving is evident, and one he shares with great heart to the benefit of his listeners.

Shannon Poulson
Global keynote speaker, founder of the Grit Institute, and author of The Grit Factor: Courage, Resilience and Leadership in the most male dominated industry in the world.

RJ clearly does a great job researching the guests to ask questions they haven’t been asked on other podcasts. High value content with refreshingly unique questions. I highly recommend it.

Dr Sean Pastuch
Owner and Founder of ActiveLife, and bestselling author of Turn Pro.

The Ultra Habits Blog.

Habits in the face of hardship

Habits in the face of hardship

Life will be hard, a friend of mine and I were recently discussing the death of his wife, it was unexpected and tragic in nature. He said to me that he had wished it was him, every day offers reminders of the wife he lost, and the life that they lived together.

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