About RJ.

RJ Singh is a corporate and ultra-endurance athlete, family man and is dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery. His mission is to lead by example and share the ultrahabits needed to achieve ultra-performance in all areas of your life .


It is my firm belief that through commitment and absolute dedication to the evolution of our mind, body, spirit complex, we as high performing and competitive professionals can grow and prosper in all areas of our lives. To achieve this, we require intention, discipline, and solid habits.

My own journey involved chronic dysfunction which included violence, crime, youth detention, jails, and chronic addiction. With the support of mentors and frameworks I embarked on the path of overcoming. Through my own experiences I developed my own framework which empowered me to rebuild and refocus my mind, body, and spirit which in turn have led to limitless possibilities.

Driven professionals are increasingly experiencing more pressure as we operate in a world that never sleeps with demands that aren’t concerned about your life’s circumstances, overlay this with partners, kids, and a commitment to success it’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed and unproductive which can create a cascade towards an unhealthy mind, body with a shattered spirit.

By my own example and my interviews, we will provide you the tools in the form of #ultrahabits that will enable you to perform at your optimum, ultra-performance as we call it is our true north as a movement and our sole mission is to help you to get there.

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10 Ultra Habits

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