EP10 Recap | Mark Kluwer: Finding connection within ourselves


As a person that has always been sceptical of some of the more “alternative” sides of the health and wellness movement, I wanted to get in touch to understand what was going on for myself. That’s when I first met Mark Kluwer.

From the onset his energy was electric, his passion infectious and his determination to help people improve their lives was unwavering.
Mark came up in Northcote, Victoria and got himself into the trades where he started working on construction sites from a very young age. Exposed to toxic masculinity and other bad habits on the job sites, he stayed focused through playing sport and keeping fit and healthy. He always felt something was missing.

Fast forward to many years later and Mark decides last minute after a compelling piece of intuition to attend a Wim Hof retreat, he attends and has a breakdown and then a breakthrough which literally changes the trajectory of his life.

This was the birth of Elevated Springs, a vision set forth by him and his wife Julie. Mark has built the site with his hands and has opened the gates to droves of people looking to get back in touch with the earth. On the “farm” as I like to call it visitors are exposed to a multitude of life-changing activities such a deep breathing, cold therapy and the power of connecting back to the dirt!

Check out the show, we dive into the benefits of his philosophy and how it will impact your life for the better!

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