EP11 Recap | Dr. Sean Pastuch: What it takes to scale ourselves to the next level


When I came across Dr. Sean Pastuch on the Spartan Up Podcast with Joe Desena I was super impressed with his level of professionalism and even more so his ability to reframe the subject of pain and the effective management of it.

Sean is our next guest on the Ultrahabits podcast, he is a dynamic entrepreneur and fitness professional who is absolutely hell-bent on disrupting and improving the role of the personal trainer within the Health & Wellness industry. His business mission statement reads …. Humanize the doctor. Professionalize the coach. Empower the individual.

His personal mission statement reads… “With empathy and effort, I will demonstrate intentionally my love for my wife. Through my actions, my words, and my patience I will deliberately coach my children to be valuable adults. I will influence positive change in this world so that others will find the success they otherwise might not have, and through the execution of my process I will leave a legacy that my children and future generations can be proud of.”

In this episode, we go into:

  • the power of self-auditing
  • self –‘leadership
  • why it’s so critical to share your vision through over communication.

As always we leave you with the framework and the supporting habits that will enable you to fully implement into your own life!

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