EP12 Recap | Dan Markovitz: How to avoid your Conclusion Traps


Dan Markovitz is a process guy, a lean expert and an all-round efficiency GURU in the world of management consulting. Those that know me in the business world would be aware that this is far from my style, so what brings me back to Dan’s articles and books?

His systems and philosophies are so relevant for optimization not only within the business context, but it can be applied in our lives as well!

As someone that is always looking to optimize and seek the “holy grail” of the harmonious integration of my life in a seamless and effortless way, Dan’s material provides excellent frameworks that help me unleash productivity and output.

His recent book, The Conclusion Trap outlines the bias disposition that we all have whenever confronted with decisions, and whilst this may be ok for smaller cosmetic decisions, the consequences for getting it wrong on the big decisions can be catastrophic.

This book is short and pointed and offers a road map as to how we can avoid conclusion traps in our lives, we look at the process in-depth and discuss the required steps and supporting “ways of being” to bring it to life!

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