EP14 Recap | EP14 | Ian Pollard: How this executive coach to the top 1% creates impact


A Rhodes Scholar, international tennis player, and former senior executive within blue-chip firms…Ian Pollard is our next guest on the Ultrahabits Podcast.

Ian is very educated and technical, yet he is very interested in the philosophies that enable happiness, performance and sustainability in all areas of life.

In our conversation we focus on a short but super punchy book that he co-authored with his millennial daughter Jess; it is called Mental Spinach. The book is ultimately pointing towards high performance through what Ian and Jess call the different lenses or what can be summed up as the 4 keys areas of focus.

We move through everything business-related, human performance and we reflect quite a bit on Ian’s view on the role of key influences in his life, especially his dad. This was a real eye-opening part of the conversation for me as it really opened my view on human development and parenting, much of this was tied into environmental conditions.

Ian is very thoughtful, intellectual and very humble and was an absolute please to have on the show. Today you can find him coaching some of Australia’s top executives through an organization that he works with called Foresight Global Coaching, where he and his colleagues who have all operated at C-Suite and Board level focus on the next generation of business leaders.

This is our first LIVE show, and we are super excited to see how this goes down with our audience, there is nothing like face to face to really get to the deep and meaningful!

Stay focused and embrace your alpha!

RJ Singh

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