EP18 Recap | Joel “Thor” Neeb: Leveraging air combat disciplines in life and business strategy


What would it look like if Maverick and the other elite fighter pilots in the movie Top Gun decided to take their skills into the private sector?

We at Ultrahabits believe we were able to get the best possible answer to this question.

Meet our next guest on our show, Joel “Thor” Neeb. He is currently the Managing Director of a firm called Afterburner. They are an international boutique management consulting firm that focuses on Strategy Execution. They are a unique firm in the sense that their consultants are all ex-fighter pilots, their frameworks are pressure proven, and have been adapted to fit the business landscape. Joel is a super interesting man, he’s dynamic, to say the least, the man does have it all, the brains, the physical and mental toughness all wrapped into movie star good looks!

In our conversation, we dive into his youth, and his realization that he needed to infuse discipline into his life and as a result, he had the foresight and fortitude to join the Airforce, with no lifelong ambition to be a pilot, its something that just crept up on him, to most of us, we would find it bizarre that a person would go from no flight ambition to flying an F-14 in some of the most challenging and fear-provoking circumstances. We talk about this in-depth.

Joel reaches a pivotal moment in his life where he is at the top of his game and on his way to join the Thundercats, and through some extremely unfortunate circumstances, he and his son are both diagnosed with cancer. This becomes the transformational part of his journey. We discuss in the depth the process he and his family went through as ultimately Joel and his son JJ recovered, it was also through this that he received this deeper sense of purpose and what he calls Survivors Obligation.

Today you can find Joel and his team embarking on some of the biggest “Go to Market” executions with multi-billion-dollar tech companies. They align, drive and enhance business focus using the systems and processes that have produced some of the most complex, agile, and dangerous missions on the military front. The conversation we have is part philosophy, family with a focus on business strategy and conversation. For those Executives out there that like to push the throttle, you will love this conversation!


RJ Singh

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