EP19 Recap | Oscar Trimboli: How can we develop deep listening skills?


Have you ever got called out or missed the mark because you simply didn’t listen?

Introducing Oscar Trimboli, our next guest on the Ultrahabits show. Oscar is a mentor, professional speaker, business consultant and author of the acclaimed book Deep Listening, this guy was truly a pleasure to have on the show, one of the best Feng Shui in terms of his interviewee set up I have come across, it came equipped with candles and all! To say he has a Yoda quality is an understatement, it is no wonder everyone sends him Yoda statues!

I would certainly qualify deep listening and the ability to engage in it as an Ultrahabit, and if I am 100% honest about it, this is a quality that I lack. I do believe that the quality was there growing up as I always loved to swap stories and engage in meaningful dialogue and actively listen but as I grew into an adult, businessperson and ultimately a results-driven individual it started to become about agendas, controlling the frame, and ultimately aligning dialogue with my own outcomes.

The simple act of listening without intention or motive simply starting to leave me. Adding to the challenges that we face in the business context is the perceived rush, and overcommunication that is saturating not only the business context but the world through the form of social media.

So, with all these inhibitors to deep listening what can we do?

That’s where Oscar comes in, he offers a simple quiz that you can take online, my wife and I both took the quiz when a good friend of mine sent it through, we learned in about 20 minutes what our listening villains are, and they were bang on. I decided to read the book too, hard copy, not even Audible and it takes a lot for me to do this!

What I can say is this, for anyone that thinks deep listening takes too much energy or is hard to access think again, in our conversation we dive into how it’s accessible to all, how to train yourself at it and ultimately how to leverage it to create value for yourself and others around you.

Do you think it’s unnecessary?

We also talk about what happens when we get it wrong too. You may not even realize that deal you didn’t get or that promotion you didn’t receive, it was most likely an ability to listen deeply at some point in time.

Check out this episode, and truly listen to it, we hope you emerge with a new appreciation for the super power of listening!


RJ Singh

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