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EP21 Recap | Dean Karnazes: The Runner’s High


Season two of the Ultrahabits Podcast is upon us and we have been true to the essence of our show!

We are joined in our first episode with ultrarunning extraordinaire and multiple best-selling author Dean Karnazes.

The lead-up and execution of this interview have been crazy, to say the least. Dean and I have this conversation whilst he is in quarantine here in Sydney awaiting to get “released” so that he can commence his 1000 Miles to Light run with Pat Farmer and a host of other world-class ultrarunners.

Despite the challenges of logistics and technology we manage to connect for a dynamic conversation, now traditionally everyone that interviews Dean talks about his amazing feats such as his 50 consecutive marathons in 50 states, or multiple Badwater starts… sure, this stuff is great but we also wanted to dive into the business side of things.

Many people don’t realize that Dean is an astute businessman and seasoned marketer, he lived in the world of corporate for many years as a senior marketer and graduated with an MBA from USF. Dean came up at the forefront of ultrarunning, this is a time where sponsorship wasn’t readily available and there weren’t events all over the place every weekend. Dean and his original cohorts had to carve a career out in a space that was completely blue-ocean, and he did this by creating his own events, writing books, travelling the world, and promoting the hell out of his passion.

Dean Karnazes' new book 'A Runner's High'

Dean Karnazes’ new book ‘A Runner’s High’

This business piece is reflected in our conversation, we talk about how he has had to pivot on the back of Covid, where there was once a focus on groups, events, and mass-market this is very much on the decline with a shift to individual runners and the rise of “solo” running, he is now focusing on aligning his products and initiatives with the “individual.”

It’s always great to have conversations with people that have impacted my own journey so deeply, and Dean has truly done that. I hope you enjoy our kickoff with Season two!

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Enjoy folks!

RJ Singh

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