No bullshit leadership from the mentor to CEOs – Martin Moore | episode 26 recap


So, you did an executive leadership course during your business studies and now you are ready to go out and become the leader to take your firm to the promised land?

You get into the gig only to realize the skills required to manage and lead people into change, the unknown, and to ultimately pull the best out of themselves is well beyond your abilities?

What do you do? That’s where Martin Moore comes in.

Martin was formally the CEO of CS Energy where he led a turnaround of the business which led to exponential growth over the tenure of his time there. As a self-proclaimed business generalist, Martin’s strengths resided in his ability to vision, lead, and execute through mobilizing his people.

Martin’s summation of the business environment of today is that we have lost sight of what it takes to realize effective leadership in a dynamic business environment where there are varying agendas, capabilities, and points of view. His ethos is fundamentally driven by a performance orientation and that’s why we had to get him on the show.

Martin’s journey into this arena kicked off whilst trying to mentor his own daughter Emma through the maze of the corporate environment, she is currently his business partner by the way!

The story is that she kept coming into roles where leaders were ineffective and simply didn’t lead. While Marty continued to mentor Emma over the years, helping her combat these issues, the thing that niggled at him was that she shouldn’t have had to spend so much of her time and energy trying to compensate for the poor leaders above her.

This was the birth of Your CEO Mentor and Marty’s programs, and what we will be unpacking on this week’s episode of Ultrahabits!

Here’s what to expect in the episode:

✅  15:50 – The repercussions of businesses who are incredibly inefficient
✅  32:20 – Why your business will always win with strong single-point individual accountability
✅  40:27 – What no bullshit leadership actually looks like

Enjoy folks!

RJ Singh

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