From corporate highflyer, to prison, and ultimately reinvention – Craig Stanland | episode 27 recap


He seemingly had it all, the money, cars, the homes and the girl, Craig Stanland was at the top of his craft within the corporate scene until the foundations that he built his life on started to crumble.

Craig was in corporate sales within the tech sector when he found that the products he was selling was becoming quickly commoditized and the margins that he had been enjoying for many years started to recede, and with that so did his paychecks. Realizing that his lifestyle would be significantly impacted he made a decision that would forever alter his life and become the beginning of his decline.

On October 1, 2013, Craig was convicted of fraud and sentenced to two years in federal prison. He lost his stuff, his wife, and most crushing of all, his identity.

Whilst Craig’s story is polarized in ways it’s indicative of the struggle of many caught up in corporate life and the drive to succeed at all costs…his story taps into what happens when our very identity is challenged, and the crisis that occurs when it collapses.

Rock bottom.

After sitting in prison and moving through breakdown to breakthrough, Craig started to come to terms with how he lost his way, and ultimately how his identity was tied to the sinking ship of his fragile ego.

He commenced a transformative process in prison which led him to his own “reinvention”, and through his own journey he was able to document his process through a framework which he now uses to help so many out there lost in the corporate scene, looking for purpose, and a way to pivot into a more meaningful way of being.

His book, Blank Canvas is a memoir into his story, and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to tap into their own purpose or reinvent!

Here’s what to expect in the episode:

✅  17:42 – How to Reinvent before life falls apart
✅  21:25 – Craig’s framework on Rock-bottom to Reinvention
✅  33:57 – 3 non-negotiable tasks he’s done every day since leaving prison to keep himself in check

Enjoy folks!


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