Global futurist shows how you can leverage chaos and uncertainty to your advantage – Jonathan Brill | episode 28 recap


“An actionable framework to drive change, instead of being blindsided by it.”Adam Grant.

This is what Adam had to say on Jonathan Brill’s newest release called Rogue Waves, which we unpack on this week’s show. As a futurist, business consultant and science fiction buff, Jonathan didn’t disappoint this week on the show where we talked about the fascinating concepts behind his book Rogue Waves.

At this moment, rogue waves are forming under your business. Emerging technologies, changing demographics, the data economy, automation, and other trends—the undercurrents of radical, systemic change—are crashing into each other. When they converge, they’ll produce sea changes that sink companies and wash away entire industries overnight. If your competitor can’t ride out the next wave and you can, you win.

The subjects we unpack in the conversation are the following:

  • Identify and capitalize on the 10 economic, technological, and social trends that will collide to reshape your business.
  • Turn sudden threats into outsized opportunities.
  • Create a culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation.
  • Build and scale leadership skills and processes to supercharge your company’s agility and adaptability.


His thesis is that as business leaders operating within the market and the major shifts that occur predicatively over years, we can arm ourselves to assess, meet and then capitalize on these shifts or what he calls “rogue waves.” In this conversation, we talk about how we can reframe how we view risk management from just simply assessing and mitigating potential risk to coming up with strategies to leverage risk into value creation.

Jonathan Brill is a renowned expert on resilient growth and decision making under uncertainty—shows you how to prepare your business to survive and thrive through the most radical upheavals. Drawing on years of experience as a Fortune 500 innovation executive, advisor, and entrepreneur.

Here’s what to expect in the episode:

✅  5:57 – How to prepare for a rogue wave
✅  15:45 – The absurdity Jonathan had to convince people when he was the Futurist at HP
✅  30:12 – 6 principles from his actionable framework for driving change

Enjoy folks!


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