Lived Resilience from a US Marine and Management Consultant – Jeff Harris | episode 32 recap


I met Jeff Harris some time ago on LinkedIn and he has become a mainstay within my ecosystem, this man is an absolute force to be reckoned with, the culmination of US Marine fortitude, the IQ of a mathematician, and the business acumen of a management consultant, with the strength of a champion cross-fitter, there was seemingly nothing that this man couldn’t do.

That was until he was diagnosed with rare and debilitating some years ago that almost killed him, the illness prevented him from eating any solid food for more than a year, he had to sleep sitting up, he is still dealing with the ramifications and physical pain from the ordeal.

The real story here is how Jeff made a “decision,” the critical decision that he would use his circumstances to optimize himself and come out on the other side a stronger individual, now many may think given Jeff’s background that it might have been easier for him, the reality was that he was on the edge of a breakdown and in a very dark place, as a man that was used to being capable of so much, being in a position of helplessness like this had an extraordinarily negative effect on his mindset and heart.

In our conversation, we dive into his journey of rebuilding, and how he leveraged the chaos, uncertainty, and pain to shape himself into the man he is today. Life, family, and business lessons are shared and unpacked in detail.

Jeff is an experienced executive, coach, &; advisor with a proven track record for developing high performing teams & effective leaders in SaaS, Med Device, Life Sciences, BioTech, and Insurtech. He has held executive roles as a CEO, COO, CRO, CBDO, and CLO.

He has been featured on The Lions Guide, The Scaling Up Business Podcast, SBI TV, and The Leadership Jam Podcast.


Here’s what to expect in the episode:

✅ 12:51 – The transferrable traits from Marines to business
✅  22:35 – The #1 leadership reason why employees leave their jobs
✅  28:42 – Cultivating the habits needed to overcome a rare disease.

Enjoy folks!


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