What happens when you get to the “top”? – Carter McNabb | episode 34 recap


Carter is currently Managing Director, Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations (SCO) for Accenture following GRA’s acquisition in early 2021.

He is also a Recovery & Systems Invention Coach, on the National Leader Body of the Mankind Project Australia and recently launched a mentoring service for young men called That Guy with his son Campbell. “That Guy” aspires to light up young men’s lives by providing inspirational and aspirational companionship, advocacy, and support on the journey from boyhood to young Their mission and purpose is “to create more love, acceptance and safety in the world by helping boys develop into spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy young men”.

It may seem that Carter is incredibly well-integrated and balanced now but in 2015 he felt like he had achieved external success, but a lot of things weren’t working for him anymore. He was working and playing with a level of intensity that no longer felt healthy. The competing pressures of work, being an engaged parent to his children (Campbell, 17, and Lotte, 13), relationships, and the expectations he put on himself all weighed on him. He says, “I often felt isolated, like no one else would or could understand, despite having an active social life and solid friendship base.”

Does this sound familiar?

He goes on to say “after getting everything, I wanted and then seeing it all fall apart, I undertook a journey of self-discovery and transformation with the same vigour I put into building a business. I received incredible support, learned new ways, and experienced possibilities I couldn’t even imagine before. What looked like a tragedy on the way through ultimately became an incredible gift.”

My conversation with Carter this week is all about “how we as striving and driven individuals” hold ourselves together from a mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective as we continue to push ourselves, others, and the environments we operate in.

Here’s what to expect in the episode:

✅  9:50 – Why you must take a step back when scaling a small business
✅  18:52 – How to overcome tyrannical leadership
✅  35:45 – Where corporates go wrong in leadership

Enjoy folks!


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