Does your team fall apart under extreme pressure? – Dr. Preston Cline | episode 35 recap


How do you teach someone to ride a bike?

As soon as you start considering this problem you encounter the Tacit Knowledge Transfer Problem.

Just because you may be an expert cyclist does not mean you possess the language or the skills to be an expert cycling instructor. The Instructor Cadres within Emergency Medicine, Urban and Wildland Fire, Tactical Law Enforcement, or Military Special Operations, face this problem every day.

Dr. Preston Cline founded The Mission Critical Team Institute to partner with Mission Critical Teams to develop a more precise, and scientifically valid language, to transfer tacit knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

As all Mission Critical teams operate within immersion events of 5 minutes or less, Preston and his team have broken down those events into Detection, Recognition, Reaction, Response and Recover.

The Mission Critical Team Initiative was created to support those teams by inviting them into a Collaborative Inquiry Community to share effective practices, validate applied research, and innovate in learning, instruction, and professional development.

Their hope is that this community will act as an incubator for innovative practices related to questions such as:

  • How do we develop expertise to navigate complex environments?
  • How do we maintain expertise once we have it?
  • How do we construct and maintain high-performance teams in the face of ongoing adversity?

This conversation is fascinating as we unpack the development of teams within environments that face life and death decisions within a period of 300 seconds!

Whilst that may seem heavy for people that operate within the executive landscape it is of serious value to reflect on its relevance in our own arena, how well trained are we as a team when a challenge or crisis hits, whilst an uncoordinated step by a team member may not result in death, it can result in loss of market share or great people to competitors.

Notable moments in this episode:

16:44 – How you can retrain your amygdala
20:20 – The framework used to solve rapidly emergent complex adaptive problem sets
36:09 – How you apply a mission-critical mindset to a business environment

Enjoy folks!


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