Will your talent get you the top job? – Gregory Robinson | episode 36 recap


What do the top executives across Australia all have in common?

Is there something that the executives that have achieved the heights of industry all share?

That’s what I was keen to understand when I decided to ask Gregory Robinson from Blenheim Partners on the show.

Greg has been specializing in senior international executive appointments for over 18 years. Sector experience is broad and includes consumer retail, natural resources, infrastructure, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, financial services, health, and sport. The team at Blenheim work with Boards primarily within the ASX listed space to source key individuals that are viewed as integral to growth or turnarounds

The man has also an impressive athletic history where he has supported charities by competing in the London Marathon, The Marathon des Sables (across the Sahara Desert) and with a good friend assembled a small team to do something never previously attempted. It was termed the Arch to Arc and included a run from London (Wellington Arch) to Dover, swimming the English Channel and cycling from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The run was achieved wearing a Rhino costume for the Saving the Rhino charity.

I initially came across Greg and his business when I started to listen to their No Limitations Podcast which was hosted by Greg himself. The podcast focused on conversations with some of Australia’s Captains of Industry, and the show was very much about “how they got there, how they stay there, and what learnings could be distilled.” I tried for a very long time to get a hold of Greg but he and his team run a very low profile. It wasn’t easy until Ian Pollard, a previous guest and mutual contact facilitated the introduction.

In this conversation, we dive into Greg’s past, how he developed and came to operate in the upper echelons of the executive search space, and over the years what learnings he has had from not only his business journey but from his exposure to such extraordinary talent across various countries and sectors.

In his own words, Greg says that the exposure daily to the individuals he meets, works with, and brings onto his podcast, he is continually learning and developing himself. My hope is that through this episode you will be able to share in his learnings over the past 18 years of his career!

Notable moments in this episode:

11:01 – The skills needed to recruit senior-level execs
28:53 – Is it logic or gut feeling when knowing which candidate to hire?
48:11 – What companies need to be conscious of the next two years when hiring the best leaders?

Enjoy folks!


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