Why don’t you have deep trust with your people? – Christina Foxwell | episode 37 recap


How do we as leaders create an environment of vulnerability and authenticity at work?

Is it even possible?

This is the question that I wanted to answer when I asked Christina Foxwell, the founder of Ignite Purpose to come onto our show this week.

The topic of vulnerability and its place has been at the centre of many conversations that I have had with Tina over the past few weeks as she has continued to work with my Senior Leadership Team at Cora Group.

It’s been a topic that I have struggled within the context of the workplace, and as much as it intuitively makes sense, like the concept of fostering vulnerability for things like innovation, psychological safety and cohesion, I still have found it quite difficult to overlay it within the business context where money, prestige and power dynamics also come to play.

So, in typical “RJ” style I felt that this very personal conversation must be relevant for others seeking to bring these complex and sometimes seemingly conflicted paradigms together for a deep dive discussion.

This conversation is with a friend, someone that I would consider as a big sister, we have known each other through multiple iterations of life and craft, and I feel because of this that the conversation achieves great depths. I truly hope that you find this to be the case also!

Tina’s organization “Ignite Purpose” is a human-centred performance improvement, coaching, training, and consulting practice…helping people find purpose, joy and value in their work which ultimately delivers more engaged cultures and higher-performing organizations. They equip leaders and teams to turn their challenges into opportunities and opportunities into performance.

Tina is a larger-than-life personality with the evangelical style of the “preachers daughter”, the streets smarts of a young woman that left South Africa as a single mom, and the business acumen of a corporate sales trainer and performance coach with some of the biggest blue-chip firms across the globe.

You will love her!


Notable moments in this episode:

23:47 – How suppressing our emotions internally is detrimental to our health
35:09 – Why leaders need to walk with vulnerability
48:44 – How leaders can learn to be more vulnerable

Enjoy folks!


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