What is the consequence of habits? – JT Frank | episode 38 recap


What is the consequences of habits?

Good and Bad.

This is what I discussed with JT amongst other things on this week’s episode. The Consequences of Habits also happens to be the name of JT’s podcast, their mission is all about empowering individuals and communities by bringing awareness to the impact habits have on mental health, success, and the environment.

This episode with JT is unique in the sense that it is much more conversational, we were both asking each other questions as the aim was to unpack views that we both had on topics like habits, addiction, emotional and mental health.

It was a fascinating opportunity to dive into our personal journeys with addiction as we were on the other side of the law from each other for many years, JT being in law enforcement and then me, you know, being into what I was into. We go beyond the way we presented our way to the world, much deeper, focusing on how the addiction effectively brought us to the same place within our hearts and minds, ultimately suffocating our spirits and driving us hard to an emotional rock bottom.

The conversation moves through to the changing and turning points in our lives, how we both ultimately started the shift to a healthier way of being, and how for both of us, our dedication to habits which we once served in a negative way, became a key part of the formula for rebuilding our lives.

A bit about JT.

Joshua Frank (JT) is a proud veteran and first responder. He started his career in the United States Air Force and has spent the last 23 years protecting and serving his country as a civilian federal employee. Through his extensive time in the military and as a first responder, he has become intimately familiar with both the positive and negative lifestyle and habits associated with these career fields.

Notable moments in this episode:

9:10 – How JT was able to compartmentalise between life and his addiction
25:37 – What the consequences of habits look like
51:55 – why everyone should do AA’s 12-step program

Enjoy folks!


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