EP4 Recap | Dr. Suzanne Peterson: The subtleties of great leadership


Dr. Peterson provides counsel and coaching to senior leaders in a variety of industries. Emphasizing leadership style and credibility, effective communication, and relationship building as building blocks to leadership success, she helps propel her clients towards excellence. Her recent clients include leaders in Fortune 500 firms. Dr. Peterson is a highly sought-after speaker where she shares the CRA message of Admired Leadership®- a viewpoint that emphasizes the behaviors that characterize the world’s most effective leaders.

Dr. Peterson is a leadership professor at the Thunderbird School of Global Management where she advises and delivers executive education to a variety of global companies. She and her CRA colleagues’ work on leadership style and presence appears in the Nov-Dec 2020 issue of Harvard Business Review. Prior to joining CRA and entering academia, Suzanne worked as a change management consultant. She holds a BA in psychology, and an MBA and Ph,D. in organizational behavior from the University of Southern California and the University of Nebraska respectively. She currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ.

This was a fascinating conversation where we investigated the difference between our fixed “personality” and our “style” which we can flex and work with to be more effective at leading and relating.

The key themes of the episode…

  • Importance of leadership style
  • Social markers and the blended marker
  • The process of flexing our style
  • Powerful examples of people in the public that have a blended style.


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