The power of gamifying and rewarding the right habits – Will House | EP49 recap


This week we are joined by our new friend Will House, the founder of the app Oberit which gamifies and rewards the right habits.

After 15+ years of working with some of the best US tech companies in the world, Will decided it was time to give something back. From an early age, he had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. In 2016 he started on a zero-alcohol journey and since then has participated in a wide range of recovery programs.

The failure and relapse rates he had witnessed were astonishing, and yet not surprising to him. His belief was that with the addiction crisis skyrocketing, and the massive human and financial costs compounding, many recovery programs in his experience were outdated, often expensive (or required insurance) and were not always supported with the most effective tools.

He is now setting out to change all of this with a rewards-based mobile app that incentivizes long-term mental wellness by building consistent healthy habits, eliminating destructive behaviours, earning digital rewards and unlocking exclusive subscriber deals from their brand partners in the in-app Marketplace that support a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

The app has been funded, developed, and assessed by the recovery community to help others succeed in becoming their best self and prevent mental health relapses.

His goal is to improve and save people’s lives; Oberit is on a mission to prove that modern rewards and incentives drive better behaviour.

I came across Will’s work from a mutual contact of mine and felt that it was a great enhancer of the recovery journey, as a person that is in 12 step recovery, my personal views don’t necessarily align completely with Will’s, but I acknowledge that there are several paths and tools that are accessible and that we should leverage strength from others views and tools whenever possible.


Notable moments in this episode:

❓ 03:56 – why Will created a product that will help you get on top of your habits
😨 10:41 – avoid making this lifestyle habit if you’re in a corporate sales role
⚔️ 25:59 – how Oberit can help you form healthier habits and get rewarded for it

Enjoy folks!


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