The “why” behind Ultrahabits – RJ Singh feat. Tofe (RJ’s Editor) | EP51 recap


For anyone who sees my content, the perception is probably someone that is disciplined and intentional about life.

But behind that is a guy who was battling addiction from age 13 and was at a rock bottom on the way to death.

With the right support of mentors, study and practice I have been able to achieve self-discipline, self-awareness, and find purpose through self-imposed adversity which I call crucibles. I firmly believe that the strength and discipline of your habits will determine the magnitude of your IMPACT.

Driven professionals are increasingly experiencing more pressure as we operate in a world that never sleeps with demands that aren’t concerned about your life’s circumstances, overlay this with partners, kids, and a commitment to success it’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed and unproductive which can create a cascade towards an unhealthy mind, body with a shattered spirit. In this episode, it’s about why this entire movement known as ‘Ultrahabits’ exists in the first place; to empower executives to maximise success across all areas of their lives through the power of habits.

So, what does it take to build a habit-based mindset?

If you want the shortcut, you’re not getting it from this episode. What you will get is a simple framework, but it works. With the level of self-efficacy and confidence I have in myself, it’s taken 40 years to get here. It is my firm belief that through commitment and absolute dedication to the evolution of our mind, body, and spirit complex, we as high performing and competitive professionals can grow and prosper in all areas of our lives. To achieve this, we require intention, discipline, and solid habits.

This episode features my editor, Tofe Evans and he interviews me. Tofe and I have been co-hosts, fellow endurance athletes, and most of all we are great friends, I thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with him on screen and sincerely hope that you enjoy the backstory!


Notable moments in this episode:

❓ 10:03 – the defining moment that lead to addiction from age 13
? 21:37 – at rock bottom on the way to death
⚔️ 38:54 – the most vital thing you need so you can build a habit-based mindset today

Enjoy folks!


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