What are the hallmarks of a high performing family? – Thomas Miller | EP57 recap


What are the hallmarks of a high performing family? How do we translate our desire for high performance through to our family life?

Today I have teamed up with Thomas Miller (LICSW) to discuss exactly that.

I have long admired Thomas and his emphasis on the high performing family, always willing to call things as they are…challenging himself, his kids, his clients, and society at large to step up and take responsibility.

With the rise of broken families, school-age shootings and suicide increasing at an alarming rate, coupled with my own challenges of parenting and being a husband, I really wanted the opportunity to get Thomas on the show to discuss how we can best strengthen the family unit in what can be considered challenging times in terms of child-rearing and guiding.

This conversation is a must for anyone interested in strengthening their family unit, keeping in mind we will only thrive in areas where we are ambitious in.

Thomas has been a licensed therapist since 2002 when he graduated from NYU with his Master’s in Social Work. Since then, he has been providing therapy & coaching services to children, teens, adults and their families. For the last 20 plus years, he has coached and provided therapy to thousands of individuals, couples, families, and executives from myriad cultures, circumstances, and walks of life.

Through this process, he is continually awed by what his clients are capable of when they lean into discomfort and make choices from their centre rather than from fear.

He will help you identify your & your family’s strengths & weaknesses as well as identify the shift that needs to happen to move you and your family towards success.

“I feel privileged to help people stand in their story and courageously take concrete action steps that can have a lasting impact. I’m here to help you and or your family get moving on a path towards wellness.” – Thomas


Notable moments in this episode:

🗡️ 06:27 – what does a high-performing family look like?
❤️ 25:20 – what it means to be empathetic with our kids
🔒 40:54 – are we robbing our children of their opportunities to create resilience?

Enjoy folks!


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