Leading in unchartered waters – Sandy Stosz | EP59 recap


This week on Ultrahabits we have the pleasure of speaking with former, Vice Admiral Sandy Stosz, US Coast Guard (ret). I came across Sandy on a webinar hosted by our mutual contact and previous guest Shannon Poulson. The conversation we have is centred around her book.

In Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters, Vice Admiral Sandy Stosz, US Coast Guard (ret) draws upon her 40 years of extensive experience and wisdom as a woman directing mostly all-male teams in front-line leadership positions to provide tools that will help leaders, particularly those at the middle level, reach their goals and succeed. Character-centered, proven leadership principles emerge from Admiral Stosz’s engaging, personal stories that teach leaders how to find, and then become, an inspiring mentor; implement effective diversity, inclusion, and equity programs; successfully lead in an ever-changing environment, and much more.

Admiral Sandy Stosz started out in the US Coast Guard as an ensign serving on polar icebreakers, conducting national security missions from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Her forty-year career is filled with leadership lessons gleaned while breaking the ice and breaking glass as the first woman to command an icebreaker on the Great Lakes and to lead a US armed forces service academy. Along the way, Sandy served for 12 years at sea, commanding two ships, and led large Coast Guard organizations during times of crisis and complexity.

She finished her career as the first woman assigned as Deputy Commandant for Mission Support, directing one of the Coast Guard’s largest enterprises. She has lectured widely on leadership and has been featured on CSPAN and other media outlets. In 2012, Newsweek’s “The Daily Beast” named Sandy to their list of 150 Women who Shake the World. She volunteers in leadership roles for several organizations and runs Sandra Stosz, LLC. Sandy enjoys hiking, swimming, birdwatching, beachcombing, and spending time with her family.

Notable moments in this episode:

🎯 (21:42) – how women can take extreme ownership of their own path without getting bogged down in victim mentality
🪖 (30:45) – what advice to give to women who are leading male-dominant teams
🗡️ (50:29) – the practical habits you can take on today to become a better leader

Enjoy folks!


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