The shift from subject matter expert to leader – Sonia Singh | EP60 recap


Are your technical skills and subject matter focus preventing you from moving into leadership roles?

While your technical skills might get your foot in the door, it’s your interpersonal skills that will keep opening doors for your success.

In fact, a study conducted by Harvard University found that only 15% of success is attributed to technical skills, while a whopping 85% of success stems from well-developed interpersonal skills.

By developing key soft skills, you can excel as a leader in your field. Problem-solving, motivating others and achieving high team performance becomes easier.

This week we are diving into this conversation with leadership development coach and transition expert Sonia K. Singh.
Sonia ascertains that lack of influence could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost earnings, hundreds of hours of lost productivity, and years of frustration doing work that isn’t impactful.

It’s the difference between drudging along in your career or waking up every morning ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.
Interestingly, most of Sonia’s clients are women and ethnic minorities that have grown up with a message of focusing on the quality of their work and not necessarily influencing and mobilizing people towards outcomes. This has resulted in scores of managers that struggle to take that next step and move beyond being on the “tools”.

Sonia has an intimate knowledge of how much of this stems from cultural conditioning, and I find that she has a very effective way of leveraging her experience to come from a place of real understanding and empathy. Her clients have recognized this too, hence why her initial “mentoring chats” have bloomed into full practice.

She says that not fulfilling your potential is the number one regret people have in life, to know they could have been more and done more but didn’t. It often comes down to self-doubt and lack of clarity of your strengths, and interests, and not having a roadmap for success.

Her why is to empower people to unleash their limitless potential so that we each can embrace the full human experience.


What you’ll find in this episode:

? (09:56) – having an upbringing where you were “invisible” growing up
? (19:35) – how you can transition from a technical specialist to influencing and leading a team
?️ (47:00) – the practical steps you can start today on building confidence

Enjoy folks!


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