What worked back THEN does not work NOW! – Urs Koenig | EP67 recap


It Is High Time to Shift Our Leadership from THEN to NOW!

Many of us struggle with how to best lead our teams in today’s fast-paced, messy, cutthroat business climate. We face challenges that did not exist twenty or even ten years ago. But the prevailing methods of leadership come from the past, having been handed down from past generations of managers and executives.
But what worked back THEN does not work NOW.

The old ways of leading do not reflect new realities and are failing to inspire new generations. Outdated leadership approaches are reducing productivity, increasing turnover, squashing the potential of our people and ultimately killing profits. But what if the way we lead our teams matched the pace of our rapidly changing world? What if we moved from slow-moving silos to fast execution at the customer-facing front line? What if we shifted from top-down, command/control leadership to a more bottom-up, purpose-driven and human-centred approach?

Shift from THEN to NOW

How has what we’ve learned about leadership of the past changed the way we lead today? How do we best inspire our people in today’s fast-paced, high stake business environment?

THEN, executives and managers used heavy-handed scare tactics to try and pull productivity out of their employees. NOW, sharing and empowering are two of the most important tasks managers must master. THEN, all employees focused on the boss. NOW, managers and employees work and learn together in service of the mission. From kicking down to helping up. From hidden agendas to radically transparent sharing.

Urs Koenig and his five-part leadership model is your guide to shifting from THEN to NOW, which will transform your leadership, your teams, and your organization.

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What you’ll find in this episode:

(16:19) – what is it actually like for executive coaches?
(19:07) – a framework to help you adapt your leadership style
(33:35) – Urs’ #1 habit to be an open leader in 2022

Enjoy folks!


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