EP7 Recap | Shannon Huffman Polson: Facing the resistance so we rise as leaders and become more resilient


Shannon Huffman Polson is a woman of many firsts. Among those high points: She is one of the first women to fly Apache combat helicopters in the U.S. Armed Forces, where she served on three continents and led two flight platoons and a line company.

After nearly a decade as an Army officer and attack aviation leader, she transitioned through her MBA at Dartmouth to become a leader and manager in the corporate sector at Guidant and Microsoft. Now Shannon turned her attention to the study of leadership, as author of The Grit Factor: Courage, Resilience and Leadership in the Most Male Dominated Organization in the World, and founder of The Grit Institute, with robust training in leadership and grit dedicated to whole-leader development in times of challenge and change.

Drawing on her distinguished career and the most current research in leadership and grit, Shannon reveals lessons learned and leadership strategies to help you harness your inner strength, develop your grit and resilience, and attain your goals. With an emphasis on grit, she demonstrates how to tap into that passion and resolve to face any obstacle, own your sense of purpose, and become a leader of greatness

In this conversation with Shannon we discuss lot’s of great stuff but the three points below really encapsulate the interview.

  • The dimensions of Grit
  • Importance of knowing your story
  • Leadership and Purpose
  • Extreme Ownership


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