From crack dens to Google and Deepak Chopra – Charlie Engle (Round 2) | EP70 recap


“I’m an addict who runs, and a runner who writes.”

This week we have the pleasure of having Charlie Engle back on the show to talk about his 30th year of continuous sobriety. We unpack how a man that couldn’t once stay sober for more than a few days has been able to not only stay sober but achieve so much through living a life committed to his passions and deep sense of purpose.

Charlie has run across deserts, summited ice-covered volcanoes, swam with crocodiles, and served a stint in federal prison. But his greatest challenge is the one he takes on every single day—sobriety. He has been clean and sober since July 23rd, 1992, and while his daily urge to drink and use drugs has waned over the years, he admits that he still struggles with the addict that lives inside of him.

Its taken him a long time to figure out that he cannot, and should not, kill his addictive nature. Instead, his challenge has been finding a way to use the addict within me himself for positive, purpose-driven pursuits.
This is what we are here to talk about today, how can we as “full on” type A individuals orientate what may at times be an obsessive and relentless nature? How can we turn this drive towards the good and healthy.

The conversation isn’t about getting you to become abstinent, if that’s your choice great, but more so, reflecting on your relationship with alcohol, and whether that relationship is healthy or is it potentially becoming an issue. Personally, I find for me to live an optimized life daily, I must be very conscious of what I out into my body.

I hope you enjoy the episode, Charlie is super charismatic and has truly been able to impact the world in a remarkable way through his journey into sobriety, and in particular how he’s leveraged his love of running crazy long distances for good


What you’ll find in this episode:

(18:53) – how running became an antidote to substance abuse
(25:38) – why the 12 steps are so transformative
(39:58) – Charlie’s response when asked “can’t you have a drink tomorrow after being sober for 30 years?”

Enjoy folks!


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