Attorney to the notorious, and his incredible personal transformation – Abbas Soukie | EP71 recap


Many of us witnessed personal transformations or have heard about stories of people embarking on tremendous change, this week we have Abbas Soukie on the show to unpack how he has been able to transform in a wholesale way in such a short space of time.

I came across Abbas through my personal network on Facebook, within my feeds there are no shortages of ultra-endurance events and people doing remarkable things with their bodies, but as I slowly started to learn more about Abbas, I started to understand how remarkable his story truly is.

Abbas is an attorney to some of the most notorious and well-known figures in Sydney, as a top-in-demand attorney, the lifestyle that came with it saw him become highly unhealthy. This all changed during a pivotal period in his life, and he decided to walk into a gym.

Within a year, he lost an incredible amount of weight, what started off as some light sessions in the gym, and some short runs have led him into the world of ultra-endurance sport.

You can now find Abbas on bike cycling across the different states in Australia or on a track attempting 24-hour runs, he is currently in the process of training for a world record cycling attempt.

Whilst the physical change and the continued push in the endurance space is a remarkable story, the real story is about the shift in identity and more so the habits that have enabled Abbas to sustain this.

We are talking about a transformation beyond the physical, this has been a shift of his whole mind, body, and spirit complex and this is a story that we felt had to be told.

Abbas has extensive experience in criminal law. He has played a crucial role in some of Australia’s most serious and highly publicised criminal prosecutions, including charges of murder, drug supply, drug importations, serious assaults, firearm and serious fraud-related matters.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(12:30) – How to stay consistent after a dramatic lifestyle and shift
(24:00) – Abbas’ Guinness world bike attempt with minimal training
(34:59) – How loved ones can cope when you are making a massive transformation

Enjoy folks!


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