Finding high performance through stillness – Matt Griggs | EP72 recap


Imagine living from a state of mind that is open to everything and affected by nothing… to experience health and well-being… to know yourself and to go after what you feel most drawn to in life, with more awareness and less fear. Welcome, to The Nature of Success and our guest Matt Griggs the founder of the organisation.

Matt is a Holistic High Performance Coach, hailing from Sydney, Australia. A former professional surfer himself, Matt, now 45, has since coached World champions, Australasian champions, published 2 best-sellers, coached and lectured on performance to many leading executives and professional sporting groups world-wide. He had learned how to do things very well, but like most people, was starting to realise it was the being (state of mind) side of things that needed more attention. So he began to explore the inside world of the mind and the simple art of living, not just performing.

Driven by his personal fascination with spirituality and philosophy, Matt quit his job on the World Surfing Tour In 2008 and spent 4-5 years in quiet contemplation in the Royal National Park, just south of his home Sydney. For half a day every day, Matt explored the nature of life, success, the detachment of suffering and how to live a life of high performance, without compromising yourself in the process. This, coupled with his experience in the world of elite performance, would become the inspiration for his programs around The Nature of Success.

Matts mission is to enlighten self-awareness and empower individual self-expression towards an evolved and more harmonious performance, empowered with purpose and well-being & detached from stress and fear.

Matt says that there are two points to everything in life. There is what you are working with (people, places and things) and there is where you are working from (state of mind). This is what we are unpacking on todays show.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(10:17) – What is most people’s strategy for their pain?
(25:18) – How you as an executive can improve their performance and its consistency
(41:57) – Matt’s #1 habit to help you have the awareness to ‘know thyself’

Enjoy folks!


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