How deep bias impacts your decision making – Cheryl Strauss Einhorn | EP76 recap


When your inner voice lies to you.

As humans, our inner voice is one of the most precious instruments of truth we have. Or so we’re told. This talk lays out a specific approach for verifying what your inner voice says to you so simply that anyone could put it to use immediately.

Cheryl Strauss Einhorn founded Decisive, a decision sciences company that trains people and teams in complex problem-solving and decision-making skills using the AREA Method. AREA is an evidence-based decision-making system that uniquely controls for and counters cognitive bias to expand knowledge while improving judgment. Cheryl developed AREA during her two decades as an award-winning investigative journalist writing for publications ranging from The New York Times and Foreign Policy Magazine to Barron’s and The Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Here are some benefits of the AREA method with respect to decision-making.

  • The AREA Method guides you to gather information one perspective at a time to help you control your rush to judgement. The Exploitation chapter offers even more specific exercises to tackle this bias.
  • By gathering information one perspective at a time and by beginning with information from the source itself, you ground yourself in perspectives other than your own. This keeps your data and your focus more objective.
  • By following the AREA Method you will be using a source-based methodology that is structured to heighten your awareness of your own thinking limitations while focusing on other people’s viewpoints.
  • The AREA Method encourages you to do your own work, broken down into discrete and manageable research steps. Further, the AREA Method is structured so that you are always aware of the source(s) of your information. By being aware of your source, you put some distance between yourself and the herd.

Cheryl teaches at Cornell University and has authored two books Problem Solved, A Powerful System for Making Complex Decisions with Confidence and Conviction, about personal and professional decision-making, and Investing In Financial Research, A Decision-Making System for Better Results about financial and investment decisions.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(06:46) – How to know if your inner voice is lying to you
(27:21) – How executives can use the AREA method to make better business decisions
(46:22) – Cheryl’s #1 habit to ensure you improve your decision-making skills

Enjoy folks!


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