Facing the fears that hold you back at work – Rebecca Zucker | EP77 recap


This week on the show we talk about fear and overwhelm at work.

How do you face your fears at work, and what are the skills that will help you deal with overwhelm in a productive way without spiralling into a full meltdown or losing it at one of your colleagues?

Rebecca Zucker is a partner at a firm called Next Step Partners whose mission is to move organizations and the world forward by creating the conditions for personal and systemic change.

Our conversation is focused on a recent Harvard Business Review article that deals with the phenomena of fear and overwhelms at work, what triggers us, and what can we as leaders do when it happens to ensure that we get perspective, create space for what we are feeling and most of all not react to others from this place. The costs can be extremely high and hard to come back from.

Rebecca believes that growth requires both vision and action and her clients rely on her intelligence, pragmatism, and unwavering professionalism to demystify the process of growth and achieve their goals. As an expert in executive coaching as well as leadership and career development, Rebecca coaches C-level executives and other senior leaders across the globe.

In addition to several venture-backed startups, her clients span multiple sectors, including technology, venture capital, private equity, financial services, law, consulting, consumer products, media, healthcare, biotech, education, and philanthropy.

She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes.com and is frequently quoted in the press on career and leadership issues. Rebecca graduated as valedictorian from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at NYU and later received her MBA from Stanford. She then worked as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs in New York and held leadership positions at Disney EMEA in Paris and at Robertson Stephens. She received her coaching training and certification from the Coaches Training Institute and from Minds at Work.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(12:18) – How to get unstuck when you are in the thick of overwhelm
(26:42) – What happens to a positive team environment when an employee brings their incessant limiting beliefs?
(34:47) – Rebecca’s #1 habit on how to combat overwhelm

Enjoy folks!


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