The difference between optimal and peak performance – Rich Diviney | EP81 recap


What do the world’s highest-performing teams have in common?


This is what we will be discussing on the show with retired Navy SEAL and ‘Team Six’ commander, Rich Diviney.

The world’s highest-performing teams often have a clear and inspiring vision, strong leadership, and a deep sense of trust and collaboration among team members. They’re highly adaptable and able to handle complex and uncertain situations, and they are committed to ongoing learning and improvement.

How did the Attributes come to be?

During his twenty years as a Navy SEAL, Commander Rich Diviney was intimately involved in the world-renowned SEAL selection process, which whittles exceptional candidates down to a small cadre of the most elite optimal performers.

Diviney was often surprised by which recruits washed out and which succeeded. Someone could have all the right skills and still fail, while recruits he might have initially dismissed would prove to be top performers. The seemingly objective criteria weren’t telling him what he most needed to know:

What does it take to be one of the highest-performing teams in the world?

Through years of observation and practice, Rich learned to identify a successful recruit’s core attributes, and how to choose the right candidate based on their innate traits. Combining Rich’s military leadership experience with neuroscience and physiology, we have developed a series of frameworks, methods, and tools to support organizations to create high-performing teams, outlast the competition, and thrive in change and uncertainty.

In our conversation, Rich defines the core Attributes in fresh and practical ways and shares stories from the military, business, sports, relationships, and even parenting to show how understanding your own Attributes and those of the people around you can create optimal performance in all areas of your life.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in any situation?

If the answer is “no”, then it’s important to understand the attributes you need to adopt.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(16:36) – Why you need to focus on building on your attributes
(28:49) – The top attributes that make a successful Navy SEAL
(44:52) – Rich’s #1 habit of building your attributes

Enjoy folks!


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