Put your family first and still crush it – Justin Breen | EP82 recap


This week on the show we have the incredibly quick-minded and highly energetic Justin Breen.

We are talking about how we can have our cake and eat it too; this means we can crush it in our chosen craft, without having to sacrifice our loved ones or the things we love to do.

Justin Breen considers himself a results guy; he’s great at making things happen, but not so great at generating awesome ideas. But that hasn’t stopped him from creating an epic business and life!

What Breen lacks in idea generation; he makes up for in his ability to recognize when an amazing idea is presented to him. The concepts that rule his life and success evolved from conversations with innovators.

Learn the thirty transformational ideas Breen has gathered from some of the world’s top business leaders. Each idea’s chapter concludes with simplified takeaways to help you think and take action to incorporate them into your own business and life.

The author of the international bestseller Epic Business is back with Wall Street Journal and USA Today’s Bestseller, Epic Life. This sequel details how the ideas within led Breen to create and build two successful global companies — all while spending more time with his friends and family.

Start your journey to creating your epic life today!

Justin Breen is the founder of BrEpic Communications LLC, he has 20+ years in the media business, has won dozens of editing and writing awards, and is an author of countless viral stories. BrEpic will write clicky stories that highlight you or your business.

His mission is to partner with the 0.1 percent because they create the technologies, companies and systems that benefit the other 99.9 percent of the population.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(12:29) – This test will help you understand how you naturally approach tasks and work
(22:21) – Why entrepreneurs will build big businesses but lose their families
(33:00) – Justin’s #1 piece of wisdom about “how to be epic”

Enjoy folks!


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