Do you have the right attitude at work? – Tutti Taygerly | EP83 recap


What are the qualities of good, and poor work ethic?

Work ethic refers to a set of moral principles, values, and attitudes around how to act at work. While this may vary depending on your organization and company culture, there are a few universal qualities of both good and poor work ethic.

This is what we will be unpacking on the show today with our guest Tutti Taygerly.

Throughout her 22 years in tech, and now, as an executive coach who teaches leaders how to scale their teams, she’s identified four qualities that exemplify good work ethic:

  • Reliability and dependability: You need to meet deadlines on time, act appropriately in virtual and in-person meetings, and navigate different communication styles. You need to regularly deliver on these behaviours.
  • Productivity: You need to consistently navigate your priorities and find smart ways to use your time, complete important tasks, and deliver high-quality results.
  • Ownership and autonomy: You need to exercise initiative, and show that you can take direction from others, learn, and improve.
  • Collaboration and team support: You need to have the foresight to look beyond your individual role and establish positive working relationships with others. Support the responsibilities of your team and act as a team player.


All four qualities demonstrate professional integrity or the practice of showing a strong commitment to ethical behaviour at work.

In contrast, examples of bad work ethic include:

  • Low work quality
  • Consistent tardiness
  • Lack of attention to deadlines
  • Focusing on your own goals at the expense of the greater team or company goals
  • Abuse and harassment, whether of the most explicit variety or the unconscious, micro-aggressions and sabotaging of others.


If you are keen to develop or maintain the habit of a good work ethic, then this episode is a must!

Tutti is a coach to entrepreneurs and org leaders who make a real impact in the world. She typically supports women, people of colour, and immigrants, the “others” who are defining their own leadership in the tech world.


What you’ll find in this episode:

(02:44) – Is work ethic about people being lazy versus driven?
(07:32) – Is there a connection between willpower and work ethic?
(29:00) – Tutti’s #1 habit on how to have a better work ethic

Enjoy folks!


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